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Faisal Sarker is a content specialist with half a decade of experience. His expertise includes writing and marketing WordPress, SaaS, Open Source & Software products and services.

Born in a small fishing village in Pirojpur, famous for its photogenic river markets, Faisal Sarker spent his childhood around the country due to his father’s nature of work.

He has a Diploma in Engineering degree in Computer Technology from Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Southeast University, Bangladesh.

He spends a big chunk of his time reading tech resources and watching tech videos. Apart from tech, he’s passionate about history, different cultures, and international relations.

Currently, Faisal is working at weDevs as a WordPress content writer, one of the top WordPress product companies Worldwide. He is a versatile writer who writes and edits technical blogs and copies while contributing as a core Growth Hack team member. Apart from that he also plans, writes, and edits content for the WordPress blog WP Hive.

Previously, he worked in various industries such as TravelTech, Engineering & Telemarketing companies as a Writer. During his years of experience in all forms of writing and marketing, he also got some special recognition. These include being the “Employee of the Month” at ShareTrip and tutoring young minds on blogging at Tech Karigor.


Faisal has worked as a growth-focused Content Writer & Editor for top organizations like ShareTrip & weDevs. Here is a quick look at his achievements so far.



• Wrote 100+ articles about WordPress, eCommerce, Marketing & More on weDevs, WPHive, HappyAddons, and WPERP.
• Worked as an Editor of WPHive.com, reached 2x traffic within a year. 📈
• Managed social media of WPHive, and doubled the number of followers. 📈
• Marketed the WPHive Chrome Extension, increased its download by 3x. 📈
• Contributed as a Growth Hacker by generating 10+ effective GH ideas.



• Worked on the rebranding process of ShareTrip from Travel Booking BD.
• Wrote the whole UX content from scratch, and assisted it to rank on 20+ high-volume target keywords through local SEO. 📈
• Managed the social media of the company and ensured a continuous 50% YOY growth. 📈

People Talk About Me

My work has earned me some praise that I am truly grateful for and proud of.

Fuad Al Azad

Faisal Sarker is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is exceptionally a good player in problem-solving, content planning, blog editing, and reviewing. His hands-on strategy for problem-solving and rigid personality gained him the team’s respect. He is a result-driven person.



Shams Sumon

I have had the experience to work with Faisal Sarker. He is one of the fewest people who can take responsibility with the highest priority. He is a true team player who can lead the team when it’s needed.

Shams Sumon



Well-written articles. Appreciate your detailed research into the topic every time!



Content That Makes a Difference.

With my ability to plan and craft quality content, I make sure every content I create makes a real difference. My experience of working at top companies helped me to learn what works and what does not.